Oct 19, 2009

The Brain from Planet Conservative!

Goodness, it's been nearly a year since my most previous article!

...Ah, well.

So, why does it seem that everywhere I turn Conservatives and Christians always seem to be hand in hand? How come every time I say I like what Obama is doing, every one of my follow churchgoers give me some kind of condescending look? Maybe, just maybe, the majority of Christians in America are being brainwashed by right-wing media? Settle down, I don't mean that all Christians are idiots who'd fall for the simplest trick; that might have worked when having a cat meant having a barbecue later. No, I mean maybe instead of Christians manipulating the press, perhaps it is the press manipulating the Christians?

Oh, that kind of barbecue...

Everyone knows Fox News for its distinct right-wing bias. The channel also seems to favor "Christian" morals, standing out against gay rights, reporting on church persecution, and the infamous questioning of Obama's nationality. I used to be one of many so-called Conservative Christians, believing everything than Glenn Beck mocked at me and Bill O'Reilly yelled at me. However, I've long moved on from that stance.

Anyway, the other night I was able to catch V for Vendetta on MTV the other night, instead of their usual music vide-....oh, wait. So, according to the movie (the movie, don't give me crap about the graphic novel), a far right-wing "religious" man has achieved leadership in Britain, turning it into a darkened dictatorship in which homosexuals are sent to torture facilities just for being "different". Of course, conservative media jumped all over the film's case, mostly for calling it out as a "pro-gay" and "liberal, Marxist" piece of propaganda. The film did make me thing of something, though. What if the Christian bias of conservative media is just a face to receive Christian support, and not at all sincere? Some time ago, director Michael Moore was interviewed by Sean Hannity; I was surprised to learn that Michael Moore was a devout Catholic, and that most of his works are rooted in his personal Christian beliefs. Hannity, of course, countered by saying that he too was a devout Catholic, to which Moore asked if he attented Mass that past Sunday. Amusingly, Hannity stuttered and appeared to be looking for an excuse as if he had no idea what Mass is supposed to be. Let's not forget that a good majority of controversial moral affairs in politics involve a Republican politician, often claiming to have been a Christian. Another influence on this thought comes from the pre-Civil War years, when Bible verses were bent to make it seem as if slave ownership was A-OK by Jesus. Not to mention the propaganda presented by the Democrats to get slave owners to vote in their favor. Oh, and for those who don't pay much attention, the Democratic and Republican stances have pretty much switched entirely, so Republicans of the time would be Democrats today. Don't believe me? Look at some of the Democratic platforms of the time: states' rights, strict adherence to the Constitution, opposition to the national bank and moneyed interests, and opposition to high taxes. Why does all that sound familiar? Because they are all stances on today's Republicans.

By the way, you should totally look up William Lloyd Garrison, who I would have to say is one of the few "true" Christians of his time.

Okay, enough history lessons. Why exactly do I believe that conservative media is brainwashing Christians in their favor? Well, think about it for a minute. What are the main reasons Conservative Christians don't vote Democrat? Ask anybody on the street and sure enough, three common answers will come up: They're pro-gay, they're pro-abortion, and the Republican candidate is a Christian. Wait, so no opinion on the war? How about national health care? You may get those a few times, but honestly you're going to get some kind of moral stance as a Christian's reasoning. This is unsurprising. Christians are being used. Conservative media has continued to appeal to outdated Christian views to entrap older Christians, and with the TV on right there in front of the children, it's no wonder why Christian youth is also holding on to these beliefs. How come Christians can only dismiss abortion as "murder" without any actual Scripture to back it up? Why do Christians oppose homosexuality without scientific research, or what they heard the preacher say at church with no personal research? The Right-Wing Fear Machine™ is using these old views to brainwash believers into seeing the left-wing as evil communists who want to destroy Christianity. They use pieces of propaganda to say "Oh, this Liberal is trying to pass a bill that will ban your children from saying 'Merry Christmas' in preschool?" Of course, they neglect to mention that said Liberal is a far left-wing nut who nobody ever listens to.

Let's face it: we Christians are so easy to manipulate. If we hear Pepsi is giving money to gay rights activists, what happens? We start protests, sign petitions, and go crazy about it. Eventually, the product is associated with "evil". Sadly, this actually happened in my own church. It was quite humorous when I had to point out that the church's pantry was stuffed with Quaker Oats, Gatorade, and Frito-Lay products, all owned by PepsiCo. Of course, we couldn't just throw that stuff away, people have to eat. Eventually, the Pepsi fiasco was forgotten. It brings up a good point: If you want to hurt someone, just say they are anti-Christian. Conservative media does this with the left wing all the freaking time. This man supports late-term abortion! This one's daughter is a lesbian! That guy over there doesn't want Intelligent Design taught in public school!

It's an excellent weapon, Christianity. For years, it's been used as an excuse for discrimination, extortion, and murder. So, how hard is it to imagine religion being used a tool for political power? Why not, it's already happened more times than we can count! So, to the Christians I offer a question. Who is more Christian: a man who says he loves Jesus but believes in revenge, or a man who believes that every family is entitled to health care? Think about it for a minute. Jesus taught that one wanted to be perfect, we must surrender all our possessions to the needy.

Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."
- Matthew 19:21 NIV

Now, most Conservatives reasoned the War on Terror as justified vengeance for the 9/11 attacks, but Jesus stood against revenge.
"You have heard that it was said, 'Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.' But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also."
- Matthew 5: 38-39 NIV

Conservatives criticize Obama for his attempts to relieve the recession, calling it Socialism, in order to make it relate to the horrible acts committed by Nazi Germany. Christians are then tricked into believing that Obama is evil. In turn, this causes televangelists to claim that Obama is likely a king described in Revelation, in order to make him seem as if he is destined to be a tool for the Antichrist. We already had enough accusations of Obama being the Antichrist during election. Since televangelists are probably some of the most gullible persons I have ever seen on television (check their reasoning on dismissing evolution, it's totally based on pseudoscience and lack of scientific research), but their seat in Christian leadership gives them an excellent place to manipulate other Christians into believing the exact same thing. Now, I'm not saying that all televangelists are trying to brainwash their followers, I'm sure some of them believe what they say.

Pictured above: EVIL!

Honestly, do most Republican politicians withhold Christian values in their personal lives? How many have gotten in to trouble for being caught cheating or abusing their power?

So, here's my closing statement. Christians are not manipulating Conservatives to follow outdated philosophy, Conservatives are using Christian morals to their advantage to brainwash the Christian public into seeing the other side as ungodly. Christians are falling prey to the Conservative machine, and in turn, homosexuals and pro-lifers are being persecuted by these Christians. There's an age-old question that all Christians need to consider whenever listening to what this Conservative media is telling them: What Would Jesus Do?

Breaker out.

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